The 2020 edition of Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific is live. The complete lists of firm rankings, litigation stars and future stars are available to the public. Editorial analyses of the ranked firms are also published online. A complementary counterpart print copy of the edition will be distributed to our global readership next month.

Congratulations to all who have been selected for their respective honours this year. As always, we’ve immensely enjoyed visiting several jurisdictions across the region in conducting our on-the-ground research throughout the fall and winter of 2019. The dispute resolution landscape continues to evolve and develop right in front of us each time, and we aspire to capture and record these market undulations to the best of our ability.

This year, we have added two additional jurisdictions, Australia and New Zealand. We will continue to expand in Asia-Pacific as we aim to cover an increasingly buoyant market in the region.

Big thanks to the many firms and practitioners who met with us or otherwise participated in our research process. Your input is invaluable in the maintenance of credibility and integrity in our study.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Stay tuned for the announcement of an upcoming Benchmark Asia-Pacific’s Top 100 Women in Litigation list.

Be well and stay safe,
The Benchmark Asia-Pacific team