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Commercial disputes

Tongmu Ni is a senior partner of AllBright Law Offices and the principal of Nanjing office. During 28 years of practice, Mr. Ni has focused on litigation and arbitration agency services in the fields of investment and financing, construction projects, real estate, international trade. He has successfully represented civil and commercial dispute cases involving a total amount over 10 billion yuan.

  • As the project leader, Mr. Ni represented GPRO Investment Holding Co., Ltd. in the dispute of equity transfer between GPROP Investment Holding Co., Ltd. , Shen Peijin and Wang Rongkui. The subject matter is about 360 million yuan. The judgment is in favor of GPROP Investment Holding Co., Ltd., and case has entered the enforcement phase.
  • As the project leader, Mr. Ni represented Anhui trust Co., Ltd. in the dispute over the repurchase contract of creditor's rights and income rights between Anhui trust Co., Ltd., Nanjing Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. The subject matter is up to 800 million yuan. This case is novelty and provides a certain reference for future similar cases. Later, because of the defendant’s applying for restructuring, and Anhui trust has completed the declaration of claims as a creditor.
  • As the project leader, Mr. Ni successfully handled the contract dispute between Shanghai Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Audit University. The contract refers to the reconstruction and lease of the old campus of Nanjing Audit University, it was concluded through public bidding and has a certain social impact. After several court sessions, Ni secured a satisfactory compensation package for Vanke in mediation process.
  • As the project leader, Mr. Ni represented Master Kong Instant Food (BVI) Co., Ltd. and applying to Beijing Fourth Intermediate People's Court for annulment of the arbitration made by the CIETAC in relation to a contract dispute brought by Mitsubishi Life Sciences Corporation, and at the same time, representing BVI to file an application with the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court for non-enforcement of the arbitration. The arbitration was made in the absence of BVI, which, supporting the request over 200 million yuan. After several rounds of evidence exchange and hearings, Beijing Fourth Intermediate Court issued a notice to CIETAC suggesting a re-arbitration, after which CIETAC initiated the re-arbitration procedure, and Nanjing Intermediate Court terminated the enforcement.

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