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Practice area:

White collar crime

Tommy Tremblay is a partner with Langlois Lawyers in Montréal where his practice encompasses every aspect of commercial litigation but is focussed more specifically on the business governance sector (in particular, on matters related to director and officer liability), competition law, securities and white collar defence  including administrative investigations and interactions with regulatory agencies on these matter. His governance experience has led him to also acquire specialized expertise in connection with governmental relations, including the laws governing political contributions and lobbying. 

Tommy advises directors and officers regarding ethical corporate governance practices, specifically with respect to their duties and obligations towards various groups impacted by their decisions (shareholders, creditors, employees) and the obligations imposed on them by law. 

Moreover, Tommy advises corporations and individuals on matters related to their obligations to prevent economic crimes and ensure compliance to competition law. He represents them before the courts in both penal and civil proceedings (including class actions), when they are accused of an offence or alleged to be liable for damages.

Tommy also helps develop compliance programs that make it possible for companies to verify whether their employees and members of their administration are respecting statutory rules and exercising due diligence in various areas, specifically competition law, fraud prevention and corruption and lobbying. 

He frequently assists clients in connection with investigations led by regulatory agencies and helps to set up internal investigation protocols for clients who suspect certain of their employees or executives of having committed irregularities (non-compliance with regulatory standards, fraud, etc.). 

Tommy also appears before various decision-making bodies, such as administrative tribunals, the Superior Court or Court of Appeal of Quebec.


Updated April 2022