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Roger J.F. Lepage practices in the areas of litigation, regulation of professions, education, labour and employment, human rights and family law. With more than 40 years of experience, Roger has appeared as counsel on many leading cases before every level of court in Saskatchewan, as well as before other provincial and territorial courts, the Federal Court, and the Supreme Court of Canada on at least 13 cases. He also sat for 10 years as a member of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal (2001-2011). 

Details of legal practice: 

Litigation: representing clients in general litigation, including defamation, farm disputes, commercial, and estate claims. 

Regulation of professions: representing professional regulatory bodies and individuals in the health, education and insurance sectors and providing advice on governance and discipline. 

Education: acting for education boards and providing advice on governance, human resources, human rights and constitutional issues to many Francophone and Anglophone school boards across Canada. 

Labour and employment: representing primarily employers regarding collective agreements, grievances, discipline, accommodation and terminations. 

Human rights: acting for both employers and individuals regarding issues of discrimination, accommodation and harassment. 

Family law: representing primarily business clients regarding asset distribution, custody and maintenance, pre-nuptial agreements, real estate transactions, wills and estates and elder law. 

Roger has successfully represented numerous clients, some examples are; Strom v. SRNA, 2020 SKCA 112 (intersection of professional regulation and freedom of expression); Dabao v. SRNA, 2020 SKQB 242 (duty of fairness and natural justice in administrative law); Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique c. Colombie-Britannique, 2020 SCC 13 (constitutional right in language education); Good Spirit SD v. Christ the Teacher Roman Catholic SSD, 2019 SKCA (constitutional religious education); Brandow v. Horri, 2019 SKCA (professionals and parenting); Yukon Francophone School Board, Education Area #23 v. Yukon (Attorney General), 2015 SCC 25 (constitutional law, education law and reasonable apprehension of bias); Bodnarchuk v. Professional Conduct Committee of the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics, 2016 SCC (discipline of professionals); Kivela v. Regina (City) and CUPE (October 10, 2003) Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal decision; 2006 SK CA 2 (duty to accommodate employee for a disability); Merk v. International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers, Local 771, 2005 3 S.C.R. 425, 2005 SCC 70 (employment law and whistleblowing); Duke v. Puts, 2001 204 Sask. R. 130; 2004 SK CA 12 (defamation litigation involving health professionals). These cases represent some of Roger’s litigation experience during his lengthy career. 

Roger continues to write and speak in his areas of expertise, including the regulation of professions and education. He has presented at the CBA – National Health law Section 2020 (SRNA v. Strom) regarding the intersection between freedom of speech and professional discipline and the CBA – Saskatchewan Branch regarding language and education rights pursuant to the Canadian Constitution (2010-2020). 


Updated March 2022