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British Columbia

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Murray A. Clemens, Q.C. is a sought-after ADR neutral with a depth of experience as both arbitrator and mediator for business disputes of all sorts. Murray’s skill as a mediator and arbitrator is built on over forty years of experience in civil and commercial litigation and administrative law. As counsel, Murray has appeared in all Superior Courts of British Columbia, in the Supreme Court of Canada and before arbitration panels, in matters involving shareholder and partnership disputes, professional negligence claims, real estate, commercial matters, employment, securities, banking, insurance and maritime litigation.

In addition to acting as counsel in hundreds of commercial disputes Murray has been appointed the sole arbitrator, member or chair of an arbitration panel in more than 100 disputes arising in broad commercial context.  

Sector examples include:

  • Construction – Mines, Utilities, Commercial Buildings, Ships, Roads and Infrastructure
  • Corporate – Private Resolution of Shareholders Disputes
  • Employment – Termination, Pension and Competition Disputes
  • Estates – Trust Issues
  • Forestry – Renewable Contract Disputes, Compensation Disputes
  • Franchising – Disputes between franchisors and franchisees
  • Manufacturing – Assembly Line, Automated Picking and Order Assembly Performance Disputes
  • Mining – Development and Construction, Joint Venture Disputes
  • Partnership – Private Resolution of Partnership Disputes
  • Medical Practitioners – Grant and Fee Allocations, Fee Disputes and Interest Disputes Among Members of Professional Associations over allocations of economic entitlements
  • Real Estate – Development Disputes, Taxation Disputes, Joint Venture Disputes, Commercial Strata Disputes, Lease Disputes, Air Parcel Cost Allocation Disputes
  • Transportation – Rate Disputes, Intermodal Disputes, Port, Hub and shared Facilities Disputes


Last updated March 2021