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Commercial disputes
Dispute resolution

Mr. Kai Liu has been deeply engaged in commercial, investment and finance fields for many years, has handled many representative litigation and arbitration cases. He has accumulated rich practical experience in commercial, investment and finance disputes, and has profound theoretical knowledge. He is also good at dealing with complex legal issues and finding the best solutions for clients.

  • Mr. Kai Liu represented ZEV New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd to deal with the guarantee contract disputes with creditors. This case was fully supported by Zhejiang Higher Court. As a leading enterprise in the domestic new energy electric vehicle industry, the company has avoided huge losses for its customers and maintained their rights and interests to the greatest extent. The typical significance of this case is that through the efforts of the representation by Mr. LIU Kai, the court responded directly to the issue of how to apply the law when there is a conflict between the provisions of Minutes of National Court Conference and Civil Code and its judicial interpretation.
  • Mr. Kai Liu has represented Hello Group in a series of derivative litigation arising from the new mode of travel, in which the representation opinions on carpooling cases were upheld by the court and formed a series of court decisions, and the representation opinions on other types of cases were basically supported by the court, which greatly protected the rights and interests of customers and its brand image. Mr. LIU Kai has also provided effective legal support for the development of the sharing economy, presenting an important model for compliance and risk control in the Internet travel industry.
  • Mr. Kai Liu has represented Bank of Beijing in a financial loan contract dispute against Central New Film & Animation Culture City Co., Ltd. and Central Newsreel & Documentary Film Studio. In this case, the Court has clarified how to decide the effect of the corporate guarantee made by enterprise under collective ownership, which serves as an important reference for the following similar cases. The representation opinion by Mr. LIU Kai was fully recognized by the Beijing Higher Court, which effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the client. The court has recognized for validity of the disputed guarantee contract, laying a solid foundation for the execution of the huge amount of creditor’s rights.
  • Mr. Kai Liu has represented Alibaba Group in domain name dispute resolution proceeding, and his representation opinion was fully recognized by the Panel of Expert and resulted in a winning award granting the transfer of the disputed domain name to Alibaba Group, which reversed the useless situation of complaints or warnings and completely solved the long-standing infringement issue which had troubled customers from the root. The settlement of this case provides a new path for well-known companies like Alibaba Group to secure their rights in the face of intellectual property infringement and unfair competition.

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  • PRC Lawyer Qualification

  • Member of Shanghai Bar Association

  • 2005-2009  Bachelor of  Law, Nanjing University
  • 2010-2013  Master of  Law, Nanjing University