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Greg Gutzler is an experienced trial lawyer with a track record of billions in recoveries in high-stakes cases. Before joining DiCello Levitt, Greg litigated extensively on both the plaintiff and defense side, including working at his own boutique firm, one of the nation’s most prestigious plaintiffs’ firms, and as a partner of an Am Law 100 defense firm. He is a trusted advocate chosen by clients when they need candid, creative, and aggressive approaches to business solutions and decisive litigation strategy. Greg believes that the law is more than a means to pursue justice – it is the foundation of a society in which people are free to create, thrive, and feel protected. Beliefs become action through creativity, technical excellence, knowledge, and discipline. 

Greg also fights fiercely to ensure that innovation can thrive in hotly competitive marketplaces. One of his clients, a major biotechnology company, spent billions of dollars to create a groundbreaking technology. When a competitor improperly exploited his client’s intellectual property, Greg led his client’s suit against the competitor, tried the case in federal court, and won a jury verdict of $1 billion in damages. This was fourth-largest patent infringement jury verdict in U.S. history – and hammered home the point that competition, no matter how intense, must always remain fair and honorable. 

Greg has litigated more than a dozen high-profile securities actions against international investment banks for misrepresentations made to investors in connection with residential mortgage-backed securities, recovering over $4.5 billion. When important investments and resources are at stake, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capitalists, individuals, companies, and governmental entities turn to Greg because he is a fearless advocate in complex lawsuits in federal and state court and arbitration. 

Greg is also on the front lines in protecting women from sexual abuse, discrimination and exploitation. He is lead counsel in a civil suit involving the world’s largest-ever sex trafficking case, which spans six countries and fifty years of abuse. 

Greg’s grasp of the nuances of common law – the influence of jurisdictions, who’s on the bench, and more – converge in a simple insight: The system never dispenses justice based on predicable formulas, so legal professionals must fight to achieve justice. He views DiCello Levitt Gutzler as the right firm to advance that fight for their clients, drawing on a shared vision of commitment, creativity and loyalty. 


Updated Sep 2021