Central America

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Dispute resolution

The Central American powerhouse firm Arias covers substantial ground, with seven offices across the region. The dispute resolution practice is dedicated to resolving conflicts relating to corporate, commercial, real estate, tax, constitutional, administrative, labor, transportation, intellectual property and criminal matters and international arbitration.

Victor Garita serves as the litigation group director in Costa Rica. Garita often represents national and multinational companies in trials before the Costa Rican courts on damages, distribution contracts, breaches of contract and other disputes. He is recognized as a Top Arbitrator and has routinely served as an expert witness in arbitration proceedings and courts in the United States. Eduardo Ángel, of the El Salvador branch, leads the dispute resolution, litigation strategies and negotiation practice where he is lauded for his in-depth expertise in administrative and judicial litigation matters.

Fanny Rodriguez of the Honduras office coordinates the litigation and arbitration department. Her practice includes representing banks and financial institutions on credit structuring proceedings. She has also represented different financial institutions before regulatory agencies. Rodriguez is recognized for her skills as an arbitrator and is highlighted by Benchmark Latin America as one of the Top 25 Women in Litigation for the third consecutive year.


Operating out of a single hub in San Jose, Costa Rica, Batalla is considered “the most active firm in the country for disputes” by a competitor. The firm has a longstanding history of representing international companies and financial institutions across diverse industries. Alejandro Batalla co-leads the dispute resolution department alongside Róger Guevara. Batalla’s practice is dedicated to business litigation matters whereas Guevara is experienced in air and maritime transport disputes. The group of professionals also has extensive experience in national and international arbitral proceedings.


Founded in Costa Rica in 2003, BLP is expanded to a regional powerhouse across Central America with nine offices, and a European base in Madrid, Spain. The firm, comprised of more than 150 lawyers, represents local and international clients in a wide range of contentious matters – most notably those related to foreign investment and commercial transactions – making it one of the largest litigation practices in Central America. The dispute resolution group is also active in administrative, constitutional, consumer protection, contract, product liability and shareholder conflicts, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings.


Luis Ortiz is an active litigant out of Costa Rice where specializes in disputes related to administrative and constitutional Law. Ortiz is actively involved in public disputes, most notably regarding public procurement issues. Fellow Costa Rica partner Mauricio Salas specializes in dispute resolution, compliance and anti-corruption, international trade, and environmental disputes. He is an active litigant in the local courts on disputes concerning natural resources, compliance, and application of sanctions, permits, and remediation actions before regulatory entities. Salas is often also sought out for his skills as an arbitrator, making him one of Benchmark Latin America’s Top Arbitrators for 2020.

Dentons Muñoz

Dentons Muñoz is recognized for its deep knowledge and implementation of strategies in litigation, mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution proceedings across Central America. “They offer very quick responses with high knowledge,” expressed one client. The firm is committed to resolving conflicts concerning commercial litigation, intellectual property disputes and white-collar litigation, and have witnessed significant growth in bankruptcy, insurance, and international arbitration cases.

Luis Rodolfo Méndez hails from the Guatemala office of the firm. He is primarily focused on criminal litigation and white-collar matters and often represents individuals and companies on internal crime and fraud. Roy de Jesús Herrera, from the Costa Rica office, heads the firm’s litigation team across Central America and focuses his practice on complex litigation and arbitration. Carolina Muñoz is active in anti-corruption and compliance disputes that range from civil disputes to debt restructuring proceedings. 


Regional powerhouse LexinCorp has established a presence across numerous Central American countries, including El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras. One client refers to the firm’s “strong knowledge about the legal issues of the country and internationally.” While the firm’s offices operate independently with their own set of respective star litigators and arbitration experts, they often collaborate to represent clients on cross-border issues and group actions.

The Nicaragua office is home to dispute resolution head Roberto Rodriguez where he specializes in civil litigation and arbitration matters specific to the banking industry. Rodriguez recently represented HMM in a civil action related to debt collection, non-payments, and contractual issues.

Federico Morales heads the litigation practice in Guatemala. He has extensive experience in dispute resolution on procedural law matters and has acted as counsel to numerous Guatemalan entities. He represented Organización Hoteltu in a commercial business dispute concerning a lease agreement and contractual issues from a locale in the hotel.

Benito Zelaya serves as managing partner out of the Honduras branch of the firm, where he is active representing institutions in the commercial, banking, construction, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, energy, mining, and NGO sectors. Zelaya is also active in corporate, regulatory and dispute resolution proceedings. He currently represents Asica International in an ongoing commercial arbitration in connection with the request for termination of a contract due to the modifications of conditions that allegedly caused damages to the client of approximately $2.8 million.

El Salvador managing partner Enrique Escobar is recognized for his role as legal counsel for several local banking entities, including Banco Agrícola, one of the largest banks in the region. He continues to represent companies on commercial, tax, banking, and financial disputes.

Mayora & Mayora

Mayora & Mayora is a notable presence in the Central American market, with three offices in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The firm is known for representing clients in litigation and arbitration matters relating to civil, commercial, labor, and private and public international law. The firm’s lawyers can be seen litigating before a variety of courts, including the Constitutional Supreme Court as well as in the lower-level trial and appellate courts. Paola Galich is active in arbitration proceedings and civil, commercial, and constitutional litigation.

Romero Pineda

Romero Pineda is based out of El Salvador where the team is experienced in commercial disputes and civil matters. Carlos Castillo is the director of the litigation division, overseeing both intellectual and corporate property disputes. He is praised for his direct hand in writing one of the first IP treaties in the country. He frequently represents clients on unfair competition, infringement, and anti-piracy proceedings, as well as in arbitration and mediations.