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WilmerHale is a global legal powerhouse that hosts a network of five international locations in addition to its eight domestic offices. Originally headquartered in Boston, the city in which it still enjoys near-unanimous recognition, Wilmer has since expanded its footprint to encompass offices in New York, DC and California, as well as offices in Dayton, Ohio and Denver, Colorado. In keeping with its geographic presence, the firm offers a comprehensive array of litigation services, several of which feature litigation stars of national-level status. Wilmer boasts brand-name talent in the antitrust, white-collar, securities and appellate practices, and its intellectual property roster, particularly in the patent arena, is considered unrivaled by some.
     In this last area, Bill Lee is a unanimously regarded national star, with an enviable streak of milestone patent wins to his credit. Lee not only earns plaudits for his prowess is with IP generally but is also considered one of the strongest trial lawyers in the area, with an uncanny ability to translate his encyclopedic knowledge into arguments that sway judges and juries and log historic wins. “Bill Lee is still trying the biggest IP cases in America,” confirms one peer. “He just got a huge win for Intel!” This referred-to victory, secured in April 2021, was a patent win in Texas worth nearly $2.2 billion. A previous multi-year candidate on Benchmark’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America list, Lee makes a return to this coveted status in this year’s edition on the strength of this win. Acting with Lee on this matter were Boston’s Joseph Mueller and Denver’s Mindy Sooter, both of whom make their debut appearance as litigation stars in this edition. Other nationally recognized stars in this area include Palo Alto-based Mark Selwyn, who attends to a largely tech-oriented practice, and Lisa Pirozzolo, who resides in the firm’s Boston office and has a more life sciences-focused practice. Pirozzolo is also a member of the firm’s appellate practice, another area in which the firm shines with national star talent.
     Seth Waxman in the firm’s DC office is the chair of the firm’s appellate practice and one of the firm’s, and the country’s, most highly regarded Supreme Court specialists. “Seth Waxman is just the best of the best,” chirps one appeals-focused peer. “He is right up there with the likes of [Kirkland & Ellis appellate practitioner and former Solicitor General] Paul Clement, although their styles are very different.”  
     Wilmer has also built out an impressive presence in the securities and financial services space, particularly through its New York office. Noah Levine, a new appointee to the Benchmark litigation stars list this year, is noted for his banking-related practice. A peer testifies, “This is his SWEET SPOT! Noah handles the alphabet soup of consumer lending litigation: Truth in Lending Act, Electronic Transfer Act, and the unfair and deceptive state practices area. These tend to be class actions!” Alan Schoenfeld is also a recipient of accolades. One peer insists, “You must rank him! He’s too modest to make a pitch for himself. He won three major cases in the mortgage field.” Lori Martin, a securities enforcement and litigation specialist, is called “tough as nails,” by one peer, an opponent, who bemoans, “She puts you through the paces. She has made things a REAL pain for me when I was against her, which is her job.”