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Tillotson Law Firm is a litigation boutique that focuses on significant commercial litigation matters. Three things separate Tillotson Law. First, we built our firm as a ‘team’ concept. The firm is a single, integrated trial team. Cases are not staffed with whatever lawyers might be free; the trial team is already in place. Clients know exactly who will work on their case and what their role is.

Second, our team has enormous trial expertise. Our team typically tries several major cases per year. We are on both sides of the docket as we often represent businesses as plaintiffs.

Third, our expertise is in knowing how to win cases. We do not litigate. We try cases to win. Lots of firms will tell you that the best way to get a case resolved is to push it to trial. Here’s the part they miss: You have to be a credible trial threat in the first place for that strategy to work. We have that credibility because we try - and win - the difficult cases. And when we say difficult, we are not kidding. After all, we are the trial team that exposed Lance Armstrong’s drug usage (the result of an epic ten-year lawsuit later made into a movie). We are also the trial team that earned the Texas Lawbook Business Litigation win of 2018 (FTC v. DIRECTV). That’s just the beginning. We are a law firm that took on Yahoo! in a “Billion Dollar NCAA bracket case” and won. Not every case makes the news, but our consistent and long history of successful trials speaks for itself.


Updated Sep 2021