Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher



Dispute resolution
Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher was founded in 1994. Terence O’Toole and Sharon Lovejoy joined the firm shortly thereafter with ambitions to be Honolulu’s top trial firm.  Starn O’Toole has since fulfilled its mission and continues to build on it.  The firm is known for its bench strength and ability to take cases all the way to trial.
The firm is particularly known for real-estate related commercial disputes, and is also known for mold litigation related to construction. O’Toole is a staple of Hawaii’s litigation community. O’Toole and Lovejoy are the lead attorneys with litigation on behalf of a light rail group, seeking to establish the fair market value on the part of condemned property.  A peer confirms,"There is about $100 million involved there!” Trevor Brown is a partner involved in the business real estate law, as well as commercial litigation and advising on trust and estate litigation. Most of the firm’s overall caseload is confidential in nature but has nonetheless drawn the attention and praise of local peers.