Sills Cummis & Gross

New Jersey


Dispute resolution

Newark’s Sills Cummis & Gross enjoys a prestigious position as one of the Garden State’s frequent recipients of premium-level litigation. A client cheers the firm as "excellent generally, especially on communication of all facets of litigation. They are our only choice, we've had no reason to try others." 
     Joseph Fiorenzo, who a peer addresses as “a prodigious trial lawyer with very good clients, just a dynamo,” represented a neurosurgery practice in connection with the revocation of their staff privileges by Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ. In October 2019, a Bergen County jury returned a unanimous verdict against Valley Hospital and awarded Fiorenzo’s client $24.3 million. “This was the biggest civil verdict in New Jersey,” testifies a peer, “and it landed right before COVID!” Jeffrey Greenbaum, chair of the firm’s class-action group, represented Saint Peter’s University Hospital in its lawsuit against Horizon Healthcare Services, the state’s largest health insurer, challenging Saint Peter’s Tier 2 designation in Horizon’s OMNIA insurance planwhich designates certain New Jersey hospitals as Tier 1, relegates the rest to Tier 2, and creates significant financial incentives for patients to seek care at Tier 1 facilities but providing little detail about its selection process. Saint Peter’s, which learned of its status at the same time Horizon announced OMNIA, filed suit soon after, asserting contract and tort claims, and seeking entry into Tier 1. Litigation head Joseph Buckley obtained a favorable decision on behalf of Mikael Salovaara in his efforts to collect a 2015 $2 million unsatisfied judgment against a former Goldman Sachs partner and head of Goldman’s LBO desk. Since the judgment was entered, Buckley has successfully obtained in excess of $500,000 for Salovaara to date. More recently, Buckley and future star Joshua Howley triumphed for Investors Bank when, in July 2020, the Supreme Court of New Jersey issued a unanimous 7-0 ruling in a case dealing with whether a transferee of a promissory note can enforce the note when the original note was lost prior to the transfer. A newly ranked star this year, Hervé Gouraige scored a Supreme Court win in what has been labeled a “gutsy” case, in which he challenged an SEC doctrine regarding the awarding of disgorgement judgments. A peer marvels, “Hervé took on the SEC! He deserves a lot of credit for this. He’s a fascinating person, Rhodes scholar who was born in Haiti and went to school in the US. He’s a former US attorney and has a career doing white-collar and civil enforcement cases. An appellate-specific practitioner, James Hirschhorn is applauded by a peer as simply “the smartest person I know, in terms of IQ power. Nobody writes like him.”