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Schmidt · Lourenço · Kingston Advogados Associados (SLK) is the result of the merger between Rocha Schmidt Advogados, established in 2003, and Costa Lourenço & Kingston Advogados Associados, established in 1992. 

Composed of experienced professionals with solid academic background, SLK has a corporate practice based on personal, efficient and creative legal services to domestic and international clients from several business segments. 

SLK’s multidisciplinary team practices in a wide range of legal areas, in a constant search for work excellence. Its professionals have wide and acknowledged experience in Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Arbitration, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Corporate Litigation, Energy, Family & Successions, Real Estate, Regulatory Law, Civic Sector, Labor Law, Urban Law and Tax Law. 

The services’ excellence stems from the effort of combining professional and academic trainings, along with a strict observance of the ethical principles that guide the legal profession. All partners, associates and interns are continually encouraged to seek professional enhancement in Brazil or abroad. 

As result of several years of an intense and distinguished practice, the firm is a well-established legal representative of some of the most renowned domestic and foreign companies. 

SLK’s partners and associates have a thoroughly recognized experience in Litigation as well as Arbitration, having earned special appraise in recent years, as several of them have had their work acknowledged in different national and international legal rankings in those fields. 

Moreover, the firm’s portfolio includes a significant number of strategic disputes, some of which can reach up to the billions of reais in terms of its economic repercussions. 

For instance, last year, the firm was able to attain a condemnation, on its client’s behalf, of more than 4 (four) billion reais In a dispute involving the trading of securities during Brazil’s hyperinflation period in the 1990’s. In another arguably ten-figure dispute with important developments of late, SLK, while advocating for an association representing several energy-sector companies, was able to obtain not only a favorable injunction but also an award confirming its clients’ right to receive credits on the energy-market –it is the leading case in the sector. 

SLK also conducts the most relevant dispute of an important multinational corporation in economic terms – an ongoing multi-billion reais suit for damages regarding the rental and maintenance of equipment to Brazilian Federal Administration.

One important field in the firm’s practice resides in disputes pertaining to contracts with the public sector, in matters such as public biddings, payment default, restoration of economic and financial balance and suits for damages.

With regards to Arbitration, the firm’s practice involves working with the most prominent chambers and arbitrators, knowing its internal rules, the latest developments of its rulings and the most relevant doctrinal discussions within the field. Its partners and associates are constantly up to date with its themes, either by taking part in events such as symposiums or roundtables, or by
leading an active academic life. 

In this sense, SLK sets out to provide its clients with cost-effective and sensible solution, either prior to or during litigation. 


Updated June 2021