Robbins Russell Englert Orseck & Untereiner

District of Columbia


Dispute resolution

DC-based litigation boutique Robbins Russell Englert Orseck & Untereiner has carved itself a revered position in the DC legal services sphere. Peers regularly reference the firm as one that they would refer a case to without question. Clients stand firm in their support as well. One such client cheers the firm’s “exceptional writing and thoughtful analysis,” and confirms, “I have used several other big firms, including several top names in the field, and I would still give Robbins Russell any type of case.”
     Gary Orseck has stepped to the fore as one of the firm’s most often-referenced partners. “He has really stepped up,” observes a peer. “He’s involved in all kinds of work – commercial, securities and more, and we all think very highly of him.” A client extols Orseck’s “excellent writing, strategic direction and strong communications,” and notes that Orseck is an “excellent team player.” Orseck represented a variety of clients, including Universal Health Services and Plantronics, in securities-related matters. Roy Englert, who is noted as being “all appellate all the time,” is a specialist in this aforementioned area, with an impressive run of Supreme Court appearances to his credit. Englert recently triumphed on behalf of Irving Picard, the SIPC liquidation trustee for the estate of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, at the Supreme Court when, in June 2020, it denied a petition for a writ of certiorari filed by investors that placed funds with Madoff through offshore funds. The investors had sought the Supreme Court’s review of a decision of Second Circuit that allowed the trustee to claw back funds transferred by the Madoff firm’s foreign feeder funds even though those funds are overseas. The investors asserted, with the support of the governments of the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, that the Second Circuit’s decision was wrong and threatened international discord. The Supreme Court invited the US government to express its views. The government advised the Court that the decision in favor of the Madoff trustee was correct. The Supreme Court’s denial of certiorari allows the trustee to proceed with actions to recoup billions of dollars from the investors and thus to increase the funds available to compensate victims of Madoff’s scheme.