Reichman Jorgensen Lehman & Feldberg

District of Columbia


Dispute resolution

Intellectual property and commercial litigation boutique Reichman Jorgensen Lehman & Feldberg has made a notable impression on the legal community in fairly short order. Formed as Reichman Jorgensen in 2018 upon the departure of trial figurehead Courtland Reichman from a competitor in order to launch this venture, the firm underwent a branding overhaul in 2021, continuing to build upon its pedigree and swiftly rising market profile. A peer marvels, “They started national! And yet they are still lean and nimble.” Another notes, “They are known for doing a lot of IP work but it’s more than just standard patent cases – it’s more diverse, with a lot of it crossing over into antitrust and even bankruptcy.”  

Despite a network of offices spanning four cities (Silicon Valley, CA; Washington, DC, Atlanta and New York) and measured headcount growth (expanding from nine partners to 11 within the past year, with further growth plannedthe firm is still a compact group. It is also a majority woman-owned firm, with only two male partners, and, most notably, it has focused on fostering a trial-forward agenda. Peers address the firm as “smart and hungry,” and a client testifies, “The firm does an exceptional job preparing complex technical cases for trial before a lay jury. The firm also uses technology, such as internal databases to disseminate relevant information to the entire team quickly, which is exceedingly important in a fast-moving yet complex case.” 

     Reichman, based in the Silicon Valley office and the firm’s Managing Partner, is revered by peers as “a trial veteran, which is unique at his relatively young age, but not that surprising, seeing as how he got his chops through his time at McKool. A client calls him “a strong advocate and a true trial lawyer,” and goes on to quip, “I only wish there more of him.” Reichman led a team that scored a $236 million jury verdict win in January 2020, less than two years into the firm’s existence. This victory, for Canadian client Densify against industry giant VMWare, concerned virtualization technology. Acting with Reichman on this matter was DC managing partner Christine Lehman, who has her own set of vocally appreciative clients. One calls Lehman “exceptional at separating the wheat from the chaff’ and applauds her laser-like focus on the important stuff without sweating the small stuff. Lehman also scored a win in a remote ITC trial for Corning that she co-led with DC’s Kellogg Hansen firm in which the team filed a patent infringement complaint asserting five patents. Lehman’s efforts sought an exclusion order against a large number of companies importing fiber optic equipment, with the exclusion order granted in October 2020