Ramirez Ornelas Abogados


Andrés Bello No. 45 12th Floor
Torre Presidente Reforma
Colonia Chapultepec Polanco, C.P. 11560, CDMX, Mexico

+52 (55) 52 79 44 00


Quick facts:

Languages: Spanish and English
Partners: Gerardo Ramírez Ornelas, Jordi Oropeza Solórzano, Alonso Rivero Borrell W, Luis Robles Santamarina.

The origins of RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS date back to the year 1999, when the founding partner, Mr. Gerardo Ramirez Ornelas established this Mexican firm under what is still its current framework, incorporating at its inception, some of its present-day partners.

RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS was founded under a service philosophy, which main purpose was, and still is, the effective resolution of its clients’ problems, under the strictest and highest standards of quality. The firm specializes in commercial litigation representing both creditors and companies in both in and out-of-court cases, particularly, in procedures related to insolvency (bankruptcy & restructuring), telecommunications, insurance, shareholders disputes, commercial arbitration, banking, and securities. While commercial litigation matters are the core of the firm’s activities, the firm also has the expertise and resources to provide legal services in other related legal areas that are essential for the integral and effective resolution of the matters that are entrusted to them by their clients. For several years now, RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS has taken an active and prominent role in Mexico’s most important commercial disputes.

Throughout the years, RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS, has been categorized top-of-class. This is the direct result of the wide ranging knowledge as displayed by the partners and lawyers in order to solve the highest profile matters entrusted to them, always committing themselves, beyond the required effort, offering discreet execution whenever needed, in order to safeguard and further their clients' interests.

They work to provide a positive relationship between lawyers and clients, delivering consistently, the most optimal and effective solutions.

The partners and attorneys at RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS work with determination so that the Attorney — Client equation always favors a satisfactory and effective case resolution. Thus, it is the firm's policy to maintain open, timely and efficient communication with its clients regarding their case’s status.

RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS has been previously considered by Benchmark Litigation “…a boutique firm that has seen considerable success since its inception.” Along with its partners and attorneys, consistently receiving multiple top-level recognitions by Legal 500, Leaders League and of Benchmark Litigation, along with other important and well-known publications.

Commercial Litigation
RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS is often immediately recognized for the successful resolution of the remarkably diverse matters it has participated in. The firm consistently obtains favorable results in trials and settlements for its clients.

This success rate is the main reason why clients seek RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS when they find themselves upon very delicate or complicated civil and/or commercial dispute.

RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS has consistently represented the interest of the major banking institutions in Mexico. Additionally, the firm actively participates in commercial litigation matters relating to infrastructure and civil construction in Mexico.

Another highlight for the firm has been the resolution of corporate disputes between stockholders. RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS are experts on this aspect of commercial litigation and have represented stockholders from a broad spectrum of enterprises from various industries.

Administrative Litigation
RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS also has extensive experience and understanding the administrative litigation practice, charged with defending and representing its clients before the presence of an Act of Authority as issued by any of the multiple Mexican governmental authorities capable of doing so. This includes the preparation and filing of amparo proceedings, nullity claims, administrative appeals, along with other resources, such as instances or writings, necessary for the engagement, follow-up and resolution of trials and proceedings before Local and Federal authorities in Mexico.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring
The firm’s experience is so highly regarded that the founding partner, Gerardo Ramírez Ornelas, was part of the team that drafted the Ley de Concursos Mercantiles, the bill which currently regulates bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings in Mexico. Thus, our team at RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS is perfectly suited to successfully represent any type of client.

The firm has actively participated in the representation of its clients in several complex arbitration proceedings, mainly in the areas of telecommunications, insurance, and infrastructure. With extensive experience in the field, RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS defends its clients’ interests in arbitration disputes, specializing in providing exceptional advice and carrying out the formation, implementation and proper execution of legal strategies required for winning outcome regarding arbitration matters.

During its many years of practice, RAMÍREZ ORNELAS ABOGADOS firm has represented the interests of business sectors in different matters that include: banking and financial; mining; real estate; construction; telecommunications; securities; agro-industrial; entertainment; corporate; insurance; maritime; energy, and railway.


Last updated July 2020