Dispute resolution

A Winnipeg full-service firm, Pitblado houses a diverse array of practitioners handling cases related to commercial litigation, labor and employment, construction and financial services. Tracey Epp deals primarily in labor and employment, along with judicial reviews, while Jeff Baigrie’s practice encompasses a mix of all of the aforementioned practices. Steve Vincent, primarily a commercial litigator, had a trial win in December 2019 concerning two parcels of land in dispute between two parties, which was eventually fenced off by Vincent’s client, leading to claims filed by the plaintiff, which were dismissed. More recently, Vincent has scored on behalf of his client when a trial decision was rendered arising from a five-week trial from more than two years ago. Vincent acted for a lawyer who was alleged to have acted for an elderly farmer who lacked capacity to sell his farmland in retirement, which was sold for millions below fair market value. All allegations were dismissed; the farmer was found to have capacity, the lawyer was found to not have been negligent, to not have caused any loss to his estate and there were no compensatory damages. Vincent is also engaged in commercial litigation between entities in the security alarm business.