Pellerano & Herrera

Dominican Republic


Dispute resolution

With its headquarters in Santo Domingo, the Dominican firm Pellerano & Herrera boasts one of the most notable and successful dispute resolution practices in the region. The firm’s legal team has served as counsel to clients in some of the largest, most complex, and high-profile cases in the Dominican Republic. Its litigation practice is regarded as the most diverse in the country, attending to matters in all areas of the law. The firm has provided extensive counsel to clients in areas including but not limited to high-profile white-collar cases, criminal litigatory matters, labor litigation, real estate litigation, tax and customs disputes, and sports and commercial arbitration. Markedly unique in the Dominican legal market is the firm’s expertise regarding cybercrime litigation. As one of the few firms in the country to attend to such matters, its legal team undertakes among the most high-profile cybercrime litigatory cases of the region.

At the helm of the firm’s leadership are partners Vitelio Mejia OrtizLucy Objío, and Félix Fernández. Ortiz is regarded as being among the premier litigators in the country with over 40 years of vast experience in the legal market specializing in arbitration. He is considered an expert in aviation and sports law and is renowned for his well-established dealings with government officials. Although she specializes in labor litigation, Lucy Objío’s over 17 years of experience working in all types of litigation and knowledge of a very diverse group of practice areas make her, too, a crucial asset to the firm. As a master litigator, she currently serves as co-head of the firm’s litigation department. Félix Fernández is also vital to the legal operations of the firm for his well-rounded approach to law, notably his expertise in cybercrime litigation and over 17 years of experience in business strategy. In addition to playing a crucial role in the drafting of the Draft Maritime Trade Law of the Dominican Republic, he also serves as a co-leader of the firm’s digital transformation committee. Objío and Fernández are currently serving as co-leads in the high profile, pro-bono criminal case filed by Dominican-American former Major League Baseball player David Ortiz, who suffered a gunshot wound while in Santo Domingo. The case, having been heavily reported on in the media, has placed a worldwide spotlight on the Dominican Republic’s judicial system, and was recognized as an Impact Case award recipient at the 2021 Benchmark Latin America awards.