Peacock Linder Halt & Mack



Dispute resolution

Calgary litigation boutique Peacock Linder Halt & Mack operates in a unique space in the market, carving itself a coveted position as a recipient of “premium” work. “Peacock Linder is always busy, and the size of the disputes they’re handling seem bigger and they seem more fractious and difficult to resolve than the work some other firms deal with,” offers a peer. Another affirms, “Peacock Linder is in the SWEET SPOT! In the Alberta economy, everyone is in the restructuring business, dealing with restructuring commitments, contracts, etc. They have become a necessary adjunct to this with litigation – the demand for their business has skyrocketed. With all of the consolidation going on in the legal field, bigger firms are being conflicted more than they ever were, and so the work is coming to firms like Peacock. They have a specialty – sophisticated oil-and-gas litigation.”

Peter Linder is known in the Calgary community as “a pit bull,” with one peer and former opponent going on to elaborate, “If you’re up against him, you’d better be ready and you’d better be energized. He’s going to put you through the paces, you have to struggle to keep up.” Ed Halt maintains an emphasis on professional liability representation, directors’ and officers’ representation, corporate commercial litigation, securities litigation and franchise litigation. He also has regularly practiced in the areas of insurance law, insolvency, construction and product liability litigation. “Ed is a more measured litigator but very effective and not to be underestimated,” warns a peer. Mylène Tiessen focuses on commercial litigation and professional liability for corporate and individual clients, as well as acting on administrative proceedings defending individuals before independent tribunals and acting as counsel to tribunals.