Mackay Boyar

British Columbia


Dispute resolution

A Vancouver litigation boutique that has its much larger market peers talking and impressed, MacKay Boyar has quickly etched itself a unique profile in the crowded legal market. “MacKay Boyar is a smaller boutique that has excellent up-and-coming litigation counsel that we use from time to time,” notes the client of another local firm. Peers support the firm’s stature. “MacKay Boyar are so nice to deal with,” insists a peer at a much larger firm. “They are unique in that they do a lot of commercial and criminal litigation. We send them tons of work, and they are also tight with [revered Vancouver trial lawyer] Ken McEwan!” Andi MacKay is said to have “a practice area that I think is really interesting, intertwining criminal and commercial matters, with a special niche on what’s become known as ‘ineffective assistance.’” MacKay is noted for her impressive pedigree, with previous stints at the Vancouver office of Fasken as well as tutelage under (now-retired) seasoned litigation statesman Bill Berardino. Tam Boyar is called “a genius, the full package – it’s really rare to have someone be as smart as he is and be ‘normal,’ with no big ego. Clients love him, and he is an incredible listener.” Boyar is noted by a peer to have been “busy doing trials regarding our Health Services Act.” Specifically, Boyar represented the British Columbia provincial government in this constitutional challenge to Canadian Medicare in British Columbia brought by a group of surgeons, that saw experts from all over the world being pulled in to examine what is the best way to design a health care system. A decision was rendered in Boyar’s client’s favor in September 2020.