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Dispute resolution

Another Montréal litigation boutique, which saw its formation largely on the strength of an entrepreneurial group that decamped from the once-revered but since-imploded Heenan Blaikie, LCM is making its presence increasingly felt in the city’s litigation community. A peer asserts, “LCM is reaching a level of maturity now where they don’t have to explain who they are, the name is carrying more currency.” Another confirms, “When it comes to referrals, they are always in the top two or three firms getting these, and these are for big files. But they are also getting called directly for class actions! That seems relatively new for them. Five years ago, that would not have been the case. And because their revenue structure is not based on large transactions, they can be more creative and – as someone who’s been across from them, I can tell you – more combative.” 

     Patrick Ferland, uniformly championed by peers, attends to a diverse practice including appellate work and judicial review. Ferland is also known for a lot of international law work, recognition of foreign judgments, and a lot of work for foreign states of foreign entities regarding issues of sovereign immunity. “Patrick is really the brains on a lot of their cases,” asserts one peer. “Even if he’s not the one standing up in court and arguing them, he puts a lot of his intellect into them and when you witness him in action you think, ‘My God, this guy is bright.’” Specifically, Ferland’s representation of the Republic of Iraq and other state entities is in the context of claims for the recognition of a foreign arbitration award. Ferland also leads the representation of an aircraft lessor in the context of the seizure of Airbus aircraft under construction in the context of proceedings seeking the recognition of an English judgment against the Tanzania and Air Tanzania Company. On a more local level, Ferland also leads the representation of Walmart Canada before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada in a major class action against Visa and Mastercard. Ferland has also developed an expertise in public or administrative law. Dominique Ménard and David Joanisse are addressed by a peer as “extremely practical and loved by their clients. David has a niche practice, which he loves, in the art world.Joanisse is viewed by peers as “very present and respected by the bench.” One peer calls Joanisse “an injunction junkie! He gets in front of the court and they go ‘You again? OK, what is it this time?’ and he’s always prepared.” Ménard is also noted for injunctions, seizures, Anton Piller or Mareva orders. She’s quick, she’s fast, and clients have huge confidence in her. She often steps into files where the client might be losing ground in confidence and she will get in there when the going gets rough. She’s also building a practice that is almost like an in-house counsel for some larger clients.” Sébastien Caron is said to have a “very well-established practice in securities class actions. [He] Knows everything about securities, and he also tends to do a lot of counsel work in that area.” Marc-André Landry, who joined the firm after a stint at Blake Cassels & Graydon, focuses on a diverse mix of commercial litigation that also encompasses administrative law and environmental and expropriation work. “Marc-André can do it all,” opines a peer. “He’s very knowledgeable and well equipped, especially for his [young] age.” While all of the firm’s primary personnel exhibit a relative youth compared to many peer firms, several partners at an even younger level are making their presence known. Marie-Noel Rochon is one that peers view as “ready to make the leap from the future star level!” One testifies, “I speak to my friends in the securities field and they love her. Securities is hard because it’s highly regulated, you have to have some economic background. She superbly has risen up to almost at the [highly acclaimed Norton Rose Fulbright star and Québec trial luminary] Sophie Melchers level! That is not something I would say lightly!” Nicholas Daudelin is noted as a “HUGE file guy, does a lot of everything but also administrative and defamation law work. [He is] Uber-smart and can crunch massive amounts of data.” A new partner, Nicolas Roche is called “an amazing lawyer and strategic thinker, who more and more clients are going straight to. He’s the kind of guy you go to when you need someone who has a creative way to get you out of a mess.”