Kobre & Kim

New York


Dispute resolution

Kobre & Kim is a unique, and, in the eyes of peers “elite,” firm that focuses exclusively on disputes and investigations involving international fraud and misconduct. “Kobre & Kim is just awesome,” extols a peer. “They have some black belt-level trial skills, and their model is so well crafted and strategic, and they were so far ahead of the curve with cornering that niche. They don’t chase repeat business, and they are strictly bet-the-farm litigation, so they are free to take on only the most select work. For international investigations, they are it!” Another peer marvels at the firm’s rapid expansion, both geographically and reputationally, which has allowed it to amass a sizeable book of business for such an elite firm. “Kobre & Kim is going to go down as the legends of our time. They have unique ways of hiring business strategies and fees. They grew from two lawyers and have done tremendously well, grown to amazing proportions.”

     Founding partner Michael Kim is based in New York but enjoys an international profile, particularly with entities headquartered in or doing business in Asia. “Michael Kim has become an authority in the area of finding hidden assets,” notes one peer. “He had a real vision and really keen sense of dealing with those matters.” Kim is part of a team acting as counsel to Marble Ridge Master Fund, a Cayman Islands-registered fund, in the Neiman Marcus Chapter 11 bankruptcy case and in a related adversary proceeding brought by the Neiman Marcus debtors, both pending in the Southern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court. The claims at issue in the adversary proceeding relate to alleged misconduct in connection with a bid for certain assets of the debtors. Soon after the commencement of the adversary proceeding, the Master Fund was placed into a voluntary Cayman Islands liquidation. is representing the Master Fund in the adversary proceeding in defending against claims arising from such alleged misconduct. Danielle Rose is acknowledged by peers as “very talented, and one of a rare breed of women who generate that level of business.” Rose was part of a team that acted as litigation counsel to Evergreen Coast Capital and Siris Capital Group, the private equity sponsors of Travelport, which were named as additional counterclaim-defendants in a case concerning a liability management transaction involving Travelport’s May 2020 transfer of over $1 billion in intellectual property assets to two newly created subsidiaries. Following the transfer, the subsidiaries were designated “Unrestricted Subsidiaries” under Travelport’s credit agreement, thus allowing Travelport to obtain critical financing secured by the intellectual property. The financing was provided by an entity indirectly held by Travelport’s equity owners, who were in turn managed by either of the firm clients. In late May 2020, an ad hoc group of lenders under the credit agreement directed their agent to send a notice of default to Travelport. The notice alleged that the transfer of the intellectual property violated the credit agreement. In June 2020, Travelport commenced the litigation by filing a declaratory judgment action to settle the parties’ rights under the credit agreement. In response to the lawsuit, the agent counterclaimed against Travelport, Evergreen, and Siris, again at the direction of the ad hoc group of lenders. The case was litigated on an extremely expedited track and scheduled for an expedited trial, until the parties reached a settlement in September 2020.