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Los Angeles-based full-service firm Glaser Weil boasts a diverse crop of clients in capacities including business litigation, intellectual property, corporate securities, international business transactions, real estate/land use/government relations, green building, taxation, trusts/estates/corporate fiduciaries, environmental and energy, and entertainment. The firm’s clients include movie studios, public utilities, the largest title insurance company, real estate developers, IT companies, investment firms, banks, performing artists, manufacturing and distribution companies, and gaming and hospitality enterprises.  
     Patricia “Patty” Glaser, arguably the firm’s most celebrated figure and a “fearless” trial lawyer, is considered a first-call among her wide-ranging client base, which includes an enviable roster of entertainment industry mainstays. However, others are also emerging as leaders. Garland Kelley is an all-purpose commercial litigator and “crisis-management” specialist. Kelley lived up to this designation in his representation of John Schnatter, aka “Papa John,” namesake of the pizza franchise, in numerous lawsuits, including class-action litigation. Kelley also acts for Dubai-based NMC Health in an investigation that was initiated by the board of directors in the wake of comments made by short sellers, which prompted a sharp decline in the share price of NMC Health. The team also engaged former FBI Director Louie Freeh and his team to assist in the investigation. Ultimately, the investigation identified significant issues related to NMC’s financials, including inflated cash balances, understated debt, and other governance-related issues at the companywhich led to the termination of the CEO and the resignation of several members of the Board. Jill BasingerAmin Al-Sarraf act with Kelley on this matter. Basinger is also increasingly attracting her own entertainment-related matters for industry clients. She represents ICM Partners and agent Rob Prinz in dispute for non-payment of commissions by Celine Dion. After a multi-day evidentiary hearing, the California Labor Commissioner found in favor of clients, stating that despite Dion terminating the clients, they are entitled to be paid commissions on all shows performed under Dion’s agreement based on the rates the clients and Dion had previously agreed on. Basinger is also becoming a go-to for #MeToo-related matters; a recent client is the first woman to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment, creating a hostile work environment, and retaliation, against Andrew Cuomo, the embattled former Governor of New York. Kerry Garvis Wright, whose practice is dedicated to high-profile cases at the intersection of entertainment and employment law. Wright has earned her stripes as a “warrior in court and therapist out of court” with a portfolio of clients including household names in the entertainment elite. “Her clients are coming to her with their hair on fire, which is really a problem, as so many of them have such great hair!” Garvis Wright represents a whistleblower in connection with highly publicized termination of the CEO of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. Garvis Wright also represented a strategic communications executive in litigation against a prominent Silicon Valley founder and former C-suite executive of one of the tech industry’s most common household names and his related entities. The client had a longstanding personal and professional relationship with the executive, which resulted in a series of settlement agreements and, ultimately, a consulting agreement