Dispute resolution

International legal juggernaut Dentons maintains a formidable Alberta footprint through its Calgary and Edmonton locations and is somewhat unique in the sense that it is noted to have equal litigation horsepower in both offices. These two offices also attend to work that demonstrates the firm’s muscle on the international stage. Calgary’s co-head of litigation Gord Tarnowsky has made a notable mark in the international arbitration arena as of late. Tarnowsky represents Niko, a claimant in two ICSID arbitration proceedings seeking payment for gas delivered to Bangladesh Oil and Gas Mineral Corporation and seeking a declaration, with respect to liability, as well as any compensation payable to Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration & Production Company Limited arising from two gas well blowouts in Bangladesh. Tarnowsky is also acting for Niko in an Alberta action in which its relief well contractor has sought indemnification from Niko, with respect to the claims made in the Bangladeshi suit. In February 2019 a decision issued by the Tribunals found Dentons was successful in arguing against the respondents’ claims of corruption. Tarnowsky also represents two Italian companies in a claim involving a joint venture offshore from the Falkland Islands, alleging breaches of contract and copyright, amongst other accusations. In the Edmonton office, Dennis Picco is a noted standout, with a practice that comprises elements of construction, professional liability, insurance, arbitration and even intellectual property work. Picco represents pipeline entity Enbridge as a plaintiff in a case against a pipeline expansion construction consortium that was constructing an expansion to a crude oil pipeline and also crossing Enbridge’s pipeline. During the crossing exercise the construction contractor altered the agreed-to crossing process and struck one of Enbridge’s pipelines.