Dispute resolution

A boutique that saw its genesis when two litigators calved off of a Los Angeles boutique, DTO Law is the new platform for William Delgado and Megan O’Neill. With ambitions to expand their reach and client base beyond California, the pair have teamed up with a transactional partner to forge a more diversified shop while remaining at the forefront of novel litigation matters for which clients have sought them out. These include Honda, for whom the pair provides lead counsel in what began as three different class actions involving allegations that Honda vehicles incorporated a defective fuel pump manufactured by Denso. The firm scored in obtaining a stay of one of these cases and having the other two consolidated. Delgado and O’Neill also secured summary judgment on behalf of defendant clients in a false advertising class action based on federal preemption. This matter arose out of plaintiffs’ allegations about the label claims of TruNature Gingko Biloba regarding ginkgo’s health benefits. The class in this case was certified in 2017. However, DTO was able to obtain summary judgment on the grounds that the plaintiff’s state false advertising claims were preempted under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as amended by the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. The matter is presently on appeal to the Ninth Circuit, where the oral argument took place in January 2021. On her own, O’Neill is representing plaintiff EBF Partners in a lawsuit EBF filed against Brelex Linen in Florida state court. Brelex filed a counterclaim asserting a class action on behalf of Florida businesses against EBF, alleging EBF’s contracts for the purchase of future receivables are actually usurious loans. The firm was retained in August of 2020, secured local counsel and filed a motion to dismiss the amended counterclaimThe court granted the firm’s motion to dismiss the counterclaim (and therefore dismissed the putative class action at the pleading stage) with prejudice. The ruling was upheld after a motion for reconsideration.