Chen & Lin



Dispute resolution

Chen & Lin is recognised for its work across the dispute resolution spectrum with extensive experience in white-collar crime and intellectual property (IP) litigation. Key members of the firm include Che-Hung Chen, who focuses on commercial litigation and IP-focused partner Shelly Chen. Edward Liu has been active in trade secret disputes. 

In a highlight matter, Chen & Lin acted in a hostile takeover case for a tire manufacturer. The client planned to take over another company and began its actions, involving the initiation of legal proceedings. The firm, as lead counsel, advised the client in every proceeding, which included the very first case where the new IP and Commercial Court granted a preliminary injunction.

Another notable case is related to trade secrets, where the team represented a securities trading company. The client’s former employee illegally replicated the client’s trade secrets before his employment was terminated. The firm represented the client in a criminal proceeding to file a criminal complaint, and successfully persuaded the investigation bureau to conduct a search and seizure at the defendant’s premises and secured the required evidence.

Also, the firm assisted a well-known social media company in a tort claim. The client runs one of the most famous social networking services in the world and its Taiwanese subsidiary got sued by its user who alleged that his right was unlawfully infringed because his account was blocked.  The firm defended the client’s Taiwanese subsidiary, setting forth a clear boundary that such Taiwanese subsidiary does not operate the service and should not be the one sued.