Bereskin & Parr



Dispute resolution

Toronto intellectual property shop Bereskin & Parr generates a healthy level of acclaim from its peers in the IP capacity. “They have a good, sound model there. They have a few terrific and smart IP trial lawyers who are further supported by a crack team of highly educated science and engineering gurus.” Beyond more “traditional” areas of IP, the firm is noted for “making a big push” in two areas: cannabis and artificial intelligence. Indeed, Bereskin & Parr lays claim to having an active hand in the first cannabis trademark dispute in Canada. Joshua Spicer is making his mark through actions traversing both the “hard” and “soft” IP capacities. In the former, Spicer represented Packers Plus Energy Services in patent infringement actions for damages and accounting of profits relating to apparatus and methods of fracturing oil and gas wells. In the latter, he is acting in a trademark dispute for Canadian fast-casual restaurant and health and wellness brand, Freshii, as it is in a dispute with plant-based online marketplace, Vejii. Andrew McIntosh represents agrotech entity Arista Life Science in a dispute with another that is alleged to have sold a generic version of one of Arista’s herbicides. McIntosh succeeded in convincing the court that in this case, more than money was at stake; there would be irreparable harm to Arista’s business. On this argument, he succeeded in securing an injunction. It is also noted that “Bereskin & Parr is still active in the pharma world.” Donald Cameron is acting for ViiV Healthcare Company in a patent infringement action against Gilead Canada concerning an HIV inhibitor. “This is the first really major case that was decided before a summary trial,” observes a peer. Scott MacKendrickis acting with Cameron on the Viiv case and is active in the trademark realm as well.