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Dispute resolution

Beijing Cyan Law Firm is well known for construction and infrastructure related disputes. It is lauded for its experience in advising on a range of domestic and foreign-related disputes at all levels of courts. The firm’s clients are mainly large private, public and state-owned companies.

The team is led by Wanhe Ye together with Yinli Gao, both renowned for construction and engineering disputes.

The details of all cases the firm worked on during the research period remain confidential.

The firm hired Piwei Sun as partner in September 2021. She specialises in infrastructure investment and financing.

Client feedback

“Through the in-depth cooperation between our company and the firm’s commercial dispute team, we believe that the team has rich practical experience in many fields such as construction engineering, company law, financial leasing, etc. and can solve practical problems and provide professional and executable solutions for us. The team’s partners, lawyers and paralegals are conscientious and responsible with outstanding teamwork ability. Especially in the construction machinery financial leasing arbitration case between our company and a Japanese financial leasing company, they have provided important support in many aspects, such as strategy formulation, issuing legal opinions and the whole process of legal services of arbitration. The service results have satisfied our company.” – Commercial and transactions

“The commercial dispute team of Beijing Cyan Law Firm has been providing legal services for our company for many years and it has been a very good partner. The commercial dispute team led by Ping Dai and Wei Shi has very rich practical experience and can provide comprehensive and professional legal opinions from the perspective of our company to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests to the greatest extent. Especially for many complex problems involved in the case, the team provides efficient and reasonable solutions and suggestions. It is a trustworthy and excellent team.” – Commercial and transactions

“The firm is experienced in handling letter of guarantee dispute cases, and the legal opinions issued are very professional. The team is very familiar with the case of our company and fully grasps the facts of the case, which is a big relief. They are very responsive and overall, it was a very pleasant customer experience.” – Commercial and transactions

“Staff have abundant legal experience both in theory and practice. Efficient completion of every project.” – Construction

“As a boutique law firm, Cyan has strong advantages in the field of construction engineering. The construction engineering team led by Wanhe Ye, Yinli Gao and Wei Shi provided high-quality and comprehensive legal services in many international and domestic construction engineering cases. From the perspective of a client, the team has rich experience in construction project service, can quickly and comprehensively provide legal opinions, solve many legal problems and disputes in the process of litigation/arbitration, and effectively promote the smooth progress of the projects.” – Construction

“The team, from the perspective of customer service, has rich experience in the whole process of infrastructure and PPP projects. They are quick and comprehensive when handling project contracts and disputes. They help us to handle complex project ground execution and government relations effectively.” – Construction

“The commercial dispute team of Cyan Law Firm is led by excellent partners: Wanhe Ye and Arthur Chiu. The team members not only have rich experience in international commercial arbitration, but also have solid legal skills and complex backgrounds in the field of construction engineering. The applicable law of this dispute contract is the laws of the Republic of Haiti and is under the jurisdiction of the New York Office of the International Court of Arbitration of International Chamber of Commerce. The case is very complex and difficult. The team provided high-quality and professional legal services, was able to coordinate with overseas parties, and finally reached a reconciliation with the Haitian government, safeguarding our legitimate interests. We are very satisfied with the Cyan team.” – International arbitration

Ping Dai

“The project involves a large amount of money and involves the complex interests of many companies. As the project leader, Ping Dai comprehensively controlled the situation of the case, put forward coping strategies and arbitration claims, and has fully safeguarded the interests of our company. At the same time, Dai is a senior arbitrator of the CIETAC and a counsellor of the International Commercial Affairs Research Center. She has accumulated a lot of legal practice experience. She has been engaged in in-house legal work of the company for a long time, and is well versed in contract law, international and domestic financing law, company law, etc. She is able to safeguard the rights and interests of our company from the perspective of our operation and management.”

“As the person in charge of the case, Ping Dai provides professional legal advice in many aspects. Dai is able to master the core content in the miscellaneous and cumbersome case data, accurately and efficiently formulate litigation strategies, grasp the overall situation and comprehensively safeguard the interests of our company. She is a senior arbitrator of the CIETAC with many years of arbitration experience. Meanwhile, she is familiar with company law, cross-border e-commerce, international trade and cross-border investment and financing. With solid legal knowledge and extensive industry experience, she has provided us with professional and high-quality legal opinions and solutions.”

Yinlin Gao

“Abundant legal experience both in theory and practice. Gives us professional and useful legal advice.”

Wanhe Ye

“As the litigation agent of our company, Wanhe Ye represented us in court and performed very well. He is very focused during the court debate stage. As a customer, we trust him very much.”

“Very experienced, knowledgeable and delivers solutions.”

“Professional, dedicated and efficient.”

“As the project leader, Wanhe Ye led the team and provided comprehensive legal services for the Rmb500 million lawsuit of our company in Hainan Ruyi Island. Ye is a compound expert with professional background in the fields of law and construction engineering. He always provides us with legal services adhering to the spirit of providing clients with efficient, high-quality, and professional services. Ye is not only able to handle a number of complex and difficult cases, but also solve practical problems throughout the business process. He is a very reliable senior lawyer.”

“Wanhe Ye has rich experience in PPP and infrastructure projects. He is also a core expert of the legislative drafting group of the PPP Law and a listed expert of the National Development and Reform Commission of China. Ye led a team with solid legal skills, has a large number of PPP, construction projects, infrastructure and other practical experience, to provide us with high-quality, efficient and professional legal services, including legal risk division, government procurement, negotiation strategy formulation, contract drafting and other whole process of legal services.”

“Wanhe Ye has established a good cooperative relationship with our company for many years. He provides the whole process legal services for many foreign-related projects of our company. Ye is able to quickly find the core points in many complex problems, formulate clear response strategies, respond cleverly to unreasonable demands, and provide professional legal services for our company.  He has the professional and technical qualifications including the Member Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), National First-grade Registered Constructing Engineer and Building Economist Qualification. He is an expert in the field of construction engineering. Years of professional experience and continuous improvement of legal knowledge make him a leading lawyer in this field, and he can provide clients with high-quality and efficient legal services.”