Armstrong Teasdale



Labor and employment

Armstrong Teasdale maintains one of the top-tier labor and employment groups operating out of Missouri, the full-service firm’s headquarters. Labor and employment lawyers at the firm mainly span the St. Louis and Kansas City offices at the firm. Tyson Ketchum is a labor and employment litigator out of Kansas City. He has recently worked on two separate matters that involve alleged discrimination. His practice involves mostly employment litigation, but additionally handles investigations as well.

The St. Louis office houses two leading labor and employment litigators as well. Daniel O’Toole has had an active practice over the last year. He successfully resolved a two-year-long matter earlier this year. The case involved a truck driver who filed alleged retaliation claims against the client Proffer Wholesale Produce. O’Toole settled the matter on confidential terms. O’Toole also successfully completed a matter representing UPS in a lawsuit filed by a high-ranking manager who alleged race discrimination and retaliation claims against the client. The case went up to the Eighth Circuit after O’Toole was granted a motion for summary judgment, which was affirmed last June. Robert Kaiser also practices out of the St. Louis office. His practice involves single-plaintiff and class- and collective-action litigation, as well as experience handling matters under the National Labor Relations Act. Kaiser recently defended client MACO in a multi-state class and collective action that asserted alleged violations of overtime laws and misclassification claims. The matter was settled favorably.