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Dispute resolution

As an intellectual property powerhouse, Anand and Anand needs no introduction. The firm is unanimously praised by the market across all practice and sectors as having the top IP litigators, particularly on the patent side. It routinely features in landmark decisions and its contentious-focused lawyers are highly sought after for novel, high-stakes and complex IP cases. The firm is a trusted name not just in court litigation, but also through mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution methods. The firm is spread out across four offices – New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Noida – and comprises 400 professionals, including 29 partners and three directors.

During last year’s Covid-19 lockdown, the firm displayed its might when it was engaged in 49 IP cases in the second quarter, out of which 42 injunctions were secured on day one. Not only was it the first to file a civil suit under lockdown, it was also responsible for the majority of total IP cases filed. Another display of how the firm protected its clients was in a series of pharmaceutical cases filed under lockdown for AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Merck Sharp, when the firm got entire supply chains injuncted thereby disabling generic drug mafias from exploiting the patent in these unprecedented times. It scored wins in software piracy and technology fraud cases, enabled innovative interpretations of existing software patent legislation and featured in a sizable amount of domain name cases for domestic giants such as Tata and Reliance.

Managing partner and IP litigation maestro Pravin Anand, and partner Vaishali Mittal are key contacts. Other names to note are partners Dhruv Anand, Saif Khan and Shrawan Chopra.

In the world’s very first anti-anti-suit injunction, the firm successfully acted for Interdigital Technology Corporation against Xiaomi. The High Court of Delhi had restrained Xiaomi from enforcing an order of the Wuhan court against its client. The Chinese court had restrained Interdigital from prosecuting Xiaomi for infringing its cellular standard essential patents before the Indian court. In a judgement that was handed down in May 2021, the Delhi High Court created history by confirming and making absolute India’s first anti-anti-suit injunction granted in favour of InterDigital. The case struck a distinction between anti-anti-suit and anti-enforcement injunctions, pointing out how anti-enforcement injunctions do not really require special care and caution. It is a model order in like cases globally and is already being cited as a precedent.

AstraZeneca instructed the team in its patent infringement suit against Micro Labs over its wildly successful diabetes drug Dapagliflozin. The suit claims infringement of AstraZeneca's genus and species patents. The High Court of Delhi had passed an injunction order against Micro Labs, which continues to operate.

The firm is representing the Lysosomal Storage Disorders Support Society of India pro bono and helped the client secure free medical aid for children braving rare genetic disorders after a five years-plus legal battle with the state of Karnataka.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Holdings Ireland, DS Products, Gilead Sciences Ireland, Pharmacyclics and Reliance Industries are recent disputes clients of the firm.